Satisfied since 2021


The Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ) is a major organization made up of 11 federations, which together represent some 240 affiliated unions. This represents a solid, united community of over 200,000 members committed to defending their rights and interests.

Since 2022, PADAM has had the opportunity to work closely with the CSQ on the design and implementation of strategic media campaigns. This collaboration has been marked by a shared commitment to the success of these campaigns, whatever their specific objective.

The objectives of these campaigns are varied, reflecting the diversity of issues facing the CSQ. They may involve promoting union demands that are essential to members, exerting constructive pressure on political entities to advance crucial social reforms, or celebrating the adoption of landmark societal legislation.

Whatever the nature of the objective, one constant remains: the demand for high-performance results. The campaigns developed by PADAM are carefully designed and precisely executed, with the aim of maximizing their impact and achieving the objectives set by the CSQ.

The importance of these campaigns goes beyond mere media visibility. They are an essential means for the CSQ to communicate effectively with its members, mobilize public opinion and actively contribute to social and political change.