Do you know what matters to us?  

But also your dreams and your business vision.


neologism evoking the attraction to the unusual, the fanfare of a distinct presence and the "tadadada" of a mission accomplished

PADAM is a firm created in 2012 by Guillaume Catusse, who believes in a well-founded relationship with clients. Guillaume and his team meticulously maintain these relationships as they join forces with their client's teams and grow together.

PADAM gathers a multidisciplinary team uniting digital strategists, artistic and technical directors, designers, graphic designers, programmers and digital media analysts.

PADAM knows how to master the digital universe. The firm distinguishes itself through focused expertise in SEO, social media strategy, website design and integration, Google and Facebook advertising and other essentials to warrant a strong online presence.

PADAM is strategic, proactive and adaptable.
PADAM grows with its clients and unites with their teams.
PADAM is a growth accelerator.
PADAM listens, understands and executes success.
PADAM is reliable, friendly and loyal.
PADAM is always present.
And PADAM's clients stay with PADAM.

Google Adwords certified since 2013

Since obtaining its Google Adwords certification in 2013, the firm shows one of the best performance scores in the field.