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The reputation of the home linen brand Carré Blanc is undisputed. Carré Blanc products are widely recognized for their impeccable quality and meticulous finishes. The brand is an essential presence in both France and Belgium, and it has also been established in Canada for two decades, with a well-established presence on Montreal’s iconic St-Denis Street.

However, in 2021, Carré Blanc took a decisive turn to diversify its operations. The brand embarked on a bold initiative to create a new website exclusively dedicated to the Canadian market, marking a significant milestone in its development.

Starting in March 2022, Carré Blanc entered into a fruitful partnership with the agency PADAM. This collaboration focused on several key objectives, including repositioning the brand in the market and increasing online sales, primarily targeting the province of Quebec in 2022.

To achieve these ambitious goals, PADAM undertook a series of strategic actions. Firstly, an in-depth study of the target audience was conducted to better understand the needs and preferences of Quebec consumers. Subsequently, a comprehensive 360-degree media planning was developed, incorporating a variety of communication channels to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns.

The meticulous execution of digital campaigns was carried out with great attention to detail, and ongoing monitoring was ensured to keep the overall strategy aligned with Carré Blanc’s objectives.

The results of this collaboration were remarkable. In the very first month, a significant 50% reduction in cost per conversion was observed, demonstrating the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns implemented. Furthermore, during the initial three months of the collaboration, Carré Blanc recorded a notable 10% increase in revenue, reflecting the success of the overall repositioning strategy in the Quebec market.